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        Capacity and quality
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        Add:Yingbin North Road, Xinji,Hebei Province,China
        Contact:Fanning Meng (Mr.)

        Major Capacity
        Synthesis workshop
        6 large synthetics production workshops, and 200 reactors in sizes ranging from 20L to 3000L.
        Temperature: -90℃ to 250℃. Pressure: Ordinary pressure to 10MPa.
        Chemical Production Capability: over 500 tons.
        Pilot workshop
        20 laboratories,1 pilot workshop,18 reactors in sizes ranging from 10L to 1000L Production capacity: several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.
        Low temperature workshop
        2 large low temperature workshop with a 20 m3 liquid nitrogen storage tank. This is capable of meeting technological requirements to -90℃.
        Clean workshop
        300 sq. meter of clean workshop (10,000 class).
        Capable of conducting short-range molecular distillation, recrystallization and column chromatography.

        Synthesis workshop Synthesis workshop Synthesis workshop
        Synthesis workshop Pilot workshop Biconical
        Low temperature workshop Clean workshop  
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